We have a range of easy to use systems designed to support our dealer partners and to make transacting and measuring business with us as easy as possible.

Sales Process - our ICOB system is designed to support you in following a compliant sales process.  This includes collecting customers Demands & Needs and recording them to form a robust audit trail.

Issuance - making it easy to do business is a key focus for us.  Our partnership approach means we want to make your life as straightforward as possible.  Our Insurance Website allows you to select, set-up and register product sales online.  It allows you to issue the relevant policy documentation to your customer to support the sales process.

Management Information (MI) - our F&I Control Logs enable you to track performance to see if objectives are being met and so that you can take any corrective action that may be needed.  They provide a simple to use tool that integrates with your wider business to provide you with all the information you need in real time.

In addition, we have developed an innovative point-of-sale showroom presentation system to support our Black & White Warranty range.  This is equipped with interactive tools to give your sales teams confidence when communicating the benefits of warranty to customers.   

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